Millie Aldridge tells her personal story

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My Story – from Disordered Eating to I Am Lovable

We all have a story, the experiences we have had and the lessons we have learned have all got us to where we are today.

I believe that everything does happen for a reason and my journey has lead me here today so I can help other women.

You can read my story, from disordered eating and low self esteem, here. Or click the picture to the left to watch me tell my story in a video (it should pop up).

I’ve been through 20Kg weight changes, negative thoughts, and unhealthy food habits. Now my life has completely changed, and I Am Lovable exists to help you do the same.

Free Video Series

Free Eating Disorder Video
My team at I Am Lovable have a big vision to help empower young women all over the world. And we know that wherever you are on your journey, it sometimes feels almost impossible to take even just the next step forward.

That’s why we produced and released this free video series – 4 short videos over 4 days to help kickstart your own internal power. These are real, practical, and valuable – I hope you take the time to benefit from them, and share them with the other amazing young women in your life.

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Do you feel your life could be Happier?

My name is Millie Aldridge, and I'm a Happiness Coach specialising in helping young women create body image, relationship and communication happiness.

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Feedback and Testimonials! I Love you all...

“I wish I had met you 15 years earlier!!!! Was very impressed today. It’s good to feel you’re not the only one and I totally recommend others attend these sessions.”

Justine Aspinall

“I walked out of that room with the most positive mindset that I think I’ve ever had in my whole life!

“To the girls that were unable to attend today, I am urging you to go to something like this. It literally was so beneficial and I feel sooo inspired!”

Stevie Edgerton

“It was so good to learn more tools I can use in my life to become and better a better and happier me!!!”

Brooke West

“It was THE BEST seminar ever!!! It was good to remind ourselves that in life we get to choose our thoughts, the way we react and way we feel.

“And we all should choose to be happy first rather than thinking we will only be happy AFTER we get the body we always dreamed of.”

Karen Decanini

“Millie Aldridge. A beautiful, passionate young woman with a sparkle in her eye and a skip in her step. Millie is a woman that has chosen her path to not only help others get fit and healthy, but to help herself heal from the unhealthy relationship she too had with food and her self-image.

“This seminar brought together the missing link between our efforts in obtaining a healthy lifestyle and the results of that. The missing link is how we can be happy and balanced.”

“Go to these seminars when they arise. I need to hear the messages that were delivered today. I need to know that I can be present in my precious moments in life and not live in the “future skinny me”. Loving yourself takes work. It’s not an instant overnight fix.

“I don’t know about you, but from today I am choosing a new story to live by, and this one starts by working on how I feel about ME.”